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Container Gardening 102 – Purchasing and Prepping the Pots

I was motivated to start a garden, but where to start? Though we have over an acre of land, we… Continue reading »

Classic Kids Quotes…

My kids often crack me up!  I am sure yours do too.   I would try to write down some… Continue reading »

Family Tenebrae – Remembering Good Friday

There is a natural build up to Christmas in our culture.  Even before Thanksgiving is over, the plans for Christmas… Continue reading »

Planting Citrus Trees

I’ve shared my brown thumb history in my last post, Growing a Greener Thumb.  Now this post is about my… Continue reading »

Growing a Greener Thumb

So I have to admit that my thumb is pretty brown.  When it comes to growing plants, I have not… Continue reading »

Our DIY Chess Table

My older two boys go to a charter school that promotes playing chess. As a matter of fact it is… Continue reading »