Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spotlight Photography – only $15

Saturday March 9th Spotlights Children’s Fashion Photography will be in town (around Tatum and Bell Rd) for amazing $15 sittings…. Continue reading »

Amy’s Simple Strawberry Lemonade

When my oldest was a baby, he and I would occasionally have lunch at Red Robin with some other moms… Continue reading »

Our DIY Chess Table

My older two boys go to a charter school that promotes playing chess. As a matter of fact it is… Continue reading »

Breakfast for your Valentines

In my house there is not a whole lot of opportunity for PINK or HEARTS so every year on February… Continue reading »

Healthy French Toast

My mom taught me to make french toast when I was very young and though she always followed recipes, this… Continue reading »

Band-aid for your Band-aids: Bandage Organization

A few years ago while I was organizing my coupons, one of my boys got hurt (the injury was unrelated… Continue reading »

More Diaper Duty

After several questions from my first Diaper Duty post in 2009, this was my follow up post to answer the… Continue reading »

Diaper Duty

My youngest has been out of diapers for almost 2 years, but here is a blog entry I wrote for… Continue reading »

$10 For up to 60 pounds of fresh produce – Feb 9, 2013

If you think it is too expensive to eat healthy, “Market On The Move” might change your mind.   This… Continue reading »

Game Chili

In honor of posting my first blog recipe on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I would start with my husband’s… Continue reading »