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Main Page Photo collageSeveral years ago, at the suggestion of some of my childbirth students, I started writing what I thought would be a cookbook.  It began with the concept of focussing on nutrition starting at pregnancy and growing into parenthood.  At that time I had already created some recipes to share with and serve to my students each week as we learned the importance of a balanced diet on their growing baby.   As time progressed, the book has changed into this blog and the blog has slowed down greatly as my life has picked up.  It was designed to help those families who are just starting out as well as the more established growing families like me.  Even if I don’t get much time to post any more, I refer back to this blog for a great place to keep (and share) my favorite recipes and go back to it’s goal is to keep us all motivated in making better choices for our families.

Though my family may be done growing in number, we are all growing everyday.  I know we need proper nutrition and safe products for our bodies, fun and love for our hearts, organization for our sanity, and savings for our wallet.  The hard part is keeping it all up and not falling into the trap of CONVENIENCE.  I struggle with that C word every day but I really believe that with a little preparation and motivation on my part – nutrition, health, fun, love, organization, and savings can be easier. This may mean a little up front work and some weekend prep to make it through the tighter times during the week,  but I am up for the challenge…how about you?

I know this blog will not be perfect. With the many controversies in nutrition and natural living I will most likely discover new research on how to eat better, ingredients that have new health discoveries, etc. I will do my best to keep researching and reporting what I find.

So who am I? I am a christian mom to three young boys and I also have an adult step-son who has moved out of our house. In my spare time, I am a Children’s Ministry director, preschool director, and I teach classes on how we can use essential oils for our family wellness.  I am also a retired natural childbirth instructor (I can only do so much at a time).

Being a preschool director keeps me motivated to create a fun and educational home.

Teaching about essential oils helps me stay educated on safer and cheeper ways to keep my family healthy.  I have used oils for 20 years (before my kids were even born), and found them to be an AMAZING first response to keep my family as healthy as possible.


In my years as a childbirth educator, I was constantly reminded of the importance of proper nutrition and reducing our chemical exposure for me and my growing family.

This site is still a toddler,  please keep checking back and watch us grow!

Thank you for growing with us!

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