Band-aid for your Band-aids: Bandage Organization

A few years ago while I was organizing my coupons, one of my boys got hurt (the injury was unrelated to couponing).  I reached for my first aid kit and the many boxes of bandages came toppling down on me.  I loved character bandages when I was little and since I coupon, it becomes very reasonable to buy a fun variety.  The problem is storing and accessing all of those boxes.   As I picked up the mess, it dawned on me that those bandages were just the right size to fit into the same baseball card organizing sleeves that I had my coupons in.  So I borrowed one of the sleeves and cut the front of each box off and trimmed it to fit in one of the pockets.  Then I put all the bandages in the pocket behind the label.  I LOVED it!  I was able to fold up the sleeve and it fit neatly into the side of my plastic shoe box first aid kit.Bandage Organization

I have the side with the box fronts in it labeled “Back” because I put them in so that they show on the back side of the sleeve.  This is to keep the bandages from falling out when you fold it up and put it away.  When you go to select the bandage that you want from the front side, it is also easy to see each bandage before you grab.

Bandages steps 1-4 WEBTo fold up your organized bandage sleeve, start by folding the top row with the fully opened end (1) and then fold the bottom row up (2) so that you seal off all openings (3).  Now your sleeve will slide perfectly into the side of a shoebox or lay flat in another first aid container.  Just be careful when you unfold your organized sleeve so that the bandages don’t slip out of that top opening.

If you don’t use character bandages or just have some others around for the bigger people in the house, this system works great for organizing plain bandages by sizes as well.  Usually when you buy a box it comes with a variety of kinds and/or sizes.  Here I have separated mine out so that I can easily search for the size I want.  It is also great to get rid of those big boxes too!

Bandage Organization_sizes WEBIn my first aid shoebox, this sleeve tucks perfectly into the other side so that I can easily see and access both my character sleeve and my size sleeve.


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  1. Kat February 25, 2013 at 9:07 am Reply

    Love this idea! I just put all the bandaids in the same ziploc.

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