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Though it has only been 4 ½ years since I gave birth, technologically speaking it was decades ago. My youngest was my only facebook baby; meaning I was able to post a picture of him within the first hour of his birth and then post a full birth announcement the next day. I thought it was amazing to be able to share our exciting news so quickly! But still that was done through a text to facebook and then by getting out my laptop. There was no “smart” phone with internet and apps at my finger tips like modern moms have today.GYF HelpfulPregnancyApps

I tracked my pregnancy diet and all of my contractions using a piece of paper and a pen. Now today there are countless different apps to make pregnancy and labor even easier. As a childbirth educator, I love to keep up-to-date with the beneficial technology that is available for my students and I think the best way to do that is to ask moms who have used that technology themselves. I’ve come up with a short list of some of the pregnancy apps that I have found either by recommendation or my own searching. Many of the apps have free versions and full versions.  The free versions are limited but can give you an idea of how you like the app before buying.  Even the full versions are usually inexpensive but can add up if you keep buying and trying.  Since I haven’t personally used these in pregnancy, I have included their iTunes description… but I would really love to hear what YOU found helpful during your pregnancy and labor. Please use the comment section to let us know if you have used any of these apps or if you have other apps that you found helpful during your pregnancy.

Eating for two – FREE *iPhone

Helps: Track Nutrition

“Trying to eat the best you can for your growing baby? EatingForTwo can help you stay on track by charting your daily and weekly intake of protein and other nutrients essential for a healthy pregnancy.
EatingForTwo comes preloaded with a database of common foods, making it easy to track your meals. You can also build on the database quickly and easily, to add your own favorite foods.
The App also comes pre-set with nutritional goals derived from the Brewer Diet, recommended by the Bradley Method® for natural childbirth. These goals can also be modified to suit your personal needs, or to help you stay on track while breastfeeding after your beautiful baby arrives.”

GYF Eating for Two

Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson – $2.99 *iPhone

Helps: Relaxation

“This application is a guided meditation audio program intended to help expecting mothers become deeply relaxed and focus on a positive and successful pregnancy.

The relaxation techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations ensure you have a more comfortable, natural and enjoyable pregnancy.”


Pregnancy Sprout Lite – FREE (full Sprout available for $3.99) *iPhone

Helps: Tracking contractions, weight gain, baby kicks;  Provides other pregnancy related information

”American Baby® Magazine and Med ART Studios™, America’s trusted resources for baby advice, bring you Sprout: The highest-rated pregnancy app for moms and moms-to-be.
 Delivering a personal pregnancy experience to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! 

• Helpful information about you and your baby
• Stunning color images and 3D models
• Weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer
• Personal MyBaby and Doctor Says sections

** FREE American Baby® Magazine subscription with full version download”


Contraction Master – $1.99 *iPhone & Android

Helps: Tracking contractions (email and print friendly)

“The easiest, most accurate way to time your contractions!

Now timing and tracking contractions is as easy as tapping a button. Tap once at the start of the contraction and tap again at the end. Contraction Master automatically keeps track of the start time, duration, and frequency of each contraction. At any time, you can switch to the History screen to see a log of all contractions that have been timed. When contractions are close enough together and long enough Contraction Master will can automatically alert you that it’s time to go to the hospital and even display a button you can tap to call your Ob/Gyn! If you want to share your contraction history with your doctor or nurse, Contraction Master makes that easy too! You can email or print* your contraction history at any time.


Baby Bump Pregnancy
FREE (Pro available for $3.99) *iPhone & Android

Helps: Tracking contractions, weight gain, baby kicks, countdown to baby;  Provides other pregnancy related information

“BabyBump is a pregnancy tracker and social health network for expecting families.

Includes: pregnancy, forums, BabyBump shop, Countdown, Daily Info/Images, Journal/Weight Tracking, Graphical Charts, Contraction Tracker, Kick Counter, Photo Slideshow




Now please share your experiences with pregnancy related apps!

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