Growing a Greener Thumb

So I have to admit that my thumb is pretty brown.  When it comes to growing plants, I have not had a lot of success.  It is so bad that the last time I purchased a plant, my 6-year-old asked, “Why are you buying that, it’s just going to die?”  Ouch!  He had a point however, I am bound and determined to change my thumb to a greener color.  It’s not that I have “bad luck” or am “cursed”, it is simply that I don’t take care of my plants with the constancy that they need.  Here are 3 of my actual plants.  The two on the ends I am still nursing back to health and the one in the middle didn’t make it.3 brown thumb

My boys love growing things and get so excited to pick food from my sister’s garden or the garden at their preschool.  So I not only want to green up my thumb so that we can enjoy the fresh produce, but I also want the experience for my boys.  With good intention, I have purchased some gardening books in the past.  Here are the three I could find…gardening books

With these books, the internet, and a little determination and constancy I know I can do it!


I did my research and carefully planted two new citrus trees this last weekend.  Look for that post coming any day.  Then today I went to Lowes and looked at some different options for container gardening.   I am ready to watch my thumb start turning green!

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