Capturing your Growing Baby’s First Year

We all know how fast a baby grows in their first year… and what an amazing year of excitement (and exhaustion) that is!  A few years ago my husband came across this video online.   It shows the rapid growth of a baby boy by quickly showing a picture of every day for his first year.  I loved that his parents took the same picture in the baby’s crib every day and even added a few holiday symbols throughout.  In a matter of 2 and a half minutes, you can see this boy, and his personality, grow.   I told my husband we needed to have another kid so I could do this, but somehow he didn’t think that was a good enough reason.  :  )  Though I can’t use this idea myself, I can share it with my childbirth students.  So I always show the video at the end of my last childbirth class  (the video editor in me did have to turn it on my computer so that the pictures are portrait).  : )3 steps box

After my first son was born I had tried to do the same weekly picture of him (like I had done with my growing belly when I was pregnant), but didn’t keep up with it very well.  Here are three of the pictures, each a month apart———>

After my third son was born, I decided to make a photo collage of each of my boys’ first years.   When we named our boys, we considered not only the names we liked but also the meanings of those names.  So I added their names and meanings to the collages.  I love being able to see this glimpse through their first years when I walk down our hall. 

No we didn’t really name them Larry, Mo and Curley but for blog sake, here they are…Larry first year softflow with Name

Mo first year print with Name

Curley first year softflow with NameI did take a LOT of pictures during my boys first years so one of these days I would love to do a little slide show of growth despite the fact that they won’t me in the same setting.

Here is a link to Babble where they explore some more fun ways to capture your baby’s amazing first year!

Please share what you have done to remember your growing baby’s first year…

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