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My kids often crack me up!  I am sure yours do too.   I would try to write down some of the hilarious things they would say but often lost my little notes, so a few years ago I started a “Kids Quotes” document on my computer (when I am away from home, I use the notes section on my phone and then record them into to the document later) to type in some of these hilarious things they say.  Of course there are so many times that I don’t get them typed before I forget them, but the ones I do have are priceless.  The last two days my boys and I were home sick and my oldest made another hilarious comment.  When I went into the document to type it in, Moe started reading over my shoulder which led to a family reread of all the quotes…followed by tears of laughter!  The boys loved reading the funny things they have said.  I thought you might like to read some of them too.

Since we are talking about “cracking up”, I’ll start by sharing one from 2009:Classic Kids Quotes_2009 09

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