Container Gardening 101 – Choosing to Garden

You’ve heard my confessions of my brown thumb, so you know I am new at gardening to say the least. So why start now? There are grocery stores full of produce, what good would my tiny container garden do?  Well, there are actually many reasons I’d like to grow our own garden. Here are a few:

  1. Education & Appreciation – a garden can teach my children – and quite frankly me – where our food comes from and the work that it takes to help it grow and mature.
  1. Save money – I can’t find as many coupons for fresh produce. ; )  Growing our own produce can be a very economical way of feeding our family fresh, organic fruits and vegetables – as long as we don’t factor in the cost of our time. ; )
  2. GYF 1972_Grandmas_strawberries

    My Grandma and her strawberries

    Fresher & Healthier – it doesn’t get much fresher than something we can pick moments before we eat it.

When I was little, my mom did occasionally grow a tomato plant, some chives, and a bed of flowers. I do remember the joy I got in picking those fruits or just showing them to my friends, however, I did little to plant or care for them. When I visited my grandparents’ farm I got to go out into the fields and pick buckets of fresh strawberries, but once again I was not really around for the sewing and growing process.

Every time I see a real garden or fruiting trees, I am amazed. To me the whole process is a miracle. What an amazing thing to plant a tiny seed in the dirt and watch it completely transform.

We have a garden at preschool and the kids take great pride and joy in planting, watering, and watching their magic grow. My sister also has a garden and my boys love picking and eating her produce. I am excited to see how my boys enjoy and participate in a garden of our very own.

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