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Antibacterial Wipes are very convenient; however, most of the antibacterial wipes that you can buy at the store are full of toxic chemicals and are quite costly.  There are some more natural alternatives, but they come with an even higher price tag.  This recipe cost me less than $2 and is VERY simple to make.

A couple of years ago I was observing a classroom at another preschool and I watched the teacher handout Clorox wipes to each of the 4 year olds and asked them to clean their area.  It took everything inside me not to run around the room grabbing the wipes and throwing them away.  The department of health knows that this is not okay and does not allow the use of these wipes in a childcare setting.  Chemicals are very easily absorbed into the skin not to mention what they can do to the skin itself.

These natural wipes are safe and even beneficial to your health and skin so I have no problem asking my kids to grab one and wipe down their space or the whole countertop.  You have probably heard some of the talk on how our over using antibacterial products is causing bacteria to become resistant.  One of the greatest benefits of pure therapeutic grade essential oils is that like a fingerprint they are always slightly different and impossible for the bacteria and viruses to build resistance to.  Because every plant is grown under different soil and weather conditions, each batch of oils is ever so slightly different and that is just the superpower they need to always stay effective.

It is important to note that in order for these wipes to be truly antibacterial, you need to use high quality essential oils.  There are many different essential oils on the market that smell nice but if they are not 100% pure they won’t have the same antibacterial properties.  I use doTERRA pure essential oils.  It is easy and affordable to get a wholesale account and order these high quality oils at a great price.  The oils used in this recipe range from 4 to 10 cents a drop and each drop goes a long way.

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  • 2 cups water (I use distilled)
  • 1/2 paper towel roll (Viva brand or similar high quality towel)
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 3 drops of melaleuca aka tea tree essential oil
  • 2 drops of oregano essential oil
  • 1 clean container (I found a great glass container at Michaels for $6 but you could use an old wipe container or any container with a tight fitting lid that you have around the house)
  • Another oil blend you can use is...
  • 5 drops OnGuard essential oil
  • 5 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops melaleuca aka tea tree essential oil
  • Difficulty: easy


1.  Start by cutting a roll of paper towel in half with a serrated knife.  I buy the skinnier Viva rolls that come in a multi pack so that it fits well into my container.2014 03 28_0551_c

2.  Gently squeeze the half roll of paper towels into your container.

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3.  Add the essential oils to your water.  Tip: if you add one or two crystals of epsom salt in the measuring cup the oils will stay suspended in the water better instead of collecting on top of the water.2014 03 28_0560_c

4.  Pour the water and oil mixture over the paper towels and let the water soak into the wipes.

5.  Gently pull the center cardboard tube out.  It should come out very easily if the wipes are wet enough.

6.  Reach into the center and gently pull the center towel up through the center to easily dispense your wipes.

AntibacterialWipes2014 3 imagesThat's it!  Easy cleaning and one of my favorite parts is that instead of smelling like chemicals, your kitchen, bathroom, and wherever you clean will smell like a spa.

Another variation is to pour this mixture over cloth wipes for reusable antibacterial wipes.

Happy cleaning!


Though the oils will kill bacteria and prevent mold growth on the paper towels, it only works if the oils get distributed to all the paper towels.  Here are some tips to help your wipes last longer:

*Stir your water and oil solution well and then let it set so that the oils can incorporate throughout.

*Before you make your wipes, Put your paper towels and container in the freezer to kill any bacteria that may be on them.

*Store your wipes in cool dark place.


inspiration: Thanks to The Thrifty Couple for inspiring this awesome recipe.

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