Why I Use Essential Oils For My Family

You may have heard the bus about essential oils so what is an essential oil?  “An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants”. …Well thank you Wikipedia, that clears it up.  Let me try to clear it up a bit…

Even though essential oils have been used for thousands of years, they have been becoming more and more popular lately.  They are known for their amazing fragrances but essential oils don’t just smell good, the right kind can be used for many different therapeutic purposes as an natural healthcare option for your family.http://www.dreamstime.com/-image29465427

Essential Oils come straight from the leaves, stem, flower, bark, seeds or other parts of plants.  When they are extracted properly from high quality plants that have been grown in their indigenous locations under the right conditions, they posses the natural and safe qualities they were made for.

*They digest easily in our bodies so that they cannot build up and cause negative side effects like synthetic supplements and medicines.

*Like other natural living things, each batch of oils is unique as it is grown under a different set of weather conditions in a different piece of soil.  This makes it near impossible for bacteria and viruses to build up immunity to them making them very effective.Essential Oil Nutrition Label

*Essential oils can be use topically, aromatically, and internally.  Please note: If you plan to use an oil internally, you will want to look for a nutrition label on the oil to make sure that it is safe to use that way.

I first learned about essential oils in the late 90s when my sister’s young family was getting sick all the time and a friend of my mom suggested she try essential oils.  The first oil I remember using was lavender.  It is a great multi-purpose oil that is very safe and mild. My sister started using immunity boosting oils and several other oils as well as oil enhanced supplements for her family. I continued to use an oil or two on occasion but it wasn’t until I started my own family that I realized the real benefits of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

Though I started off small, over the last 12 years I have learned more and more about how these oils work to support my family’s health in both sickness and prevention.  My boys are nearing 13, 11, and 9 years old and we have had very few sick visits to the doctor and even less rounds of antibiotics.  I can actually count on my fingers the total number of times my 3 kids have had antibiotics (and most of them were in my early years of using oils when I didn’t try the oils first).  I can’t say that we never get sick, but we do get sick less often and if we get sick, we have tools at home to support our bodies as they heal and fight off viruses, bacteria, and infections.

A lot of people have essential oil stories where their lives were literally saved and/or dramatically changed but fortunately, our stories are all in supporting normal heath and fighting off common illness.  Here are some of the things my family has personally used essential oils to support our bodies natural healing:

Ear infections, Colds, Coughs, Stomach Flu, Stomach Aches, Constipation, Diarrhea, Congestion, Fever, Influenza, Strep Throat, Pink Eye, Styes, Acne, Thrush, Diaper rash, Splinters, Burns, Cuts, Scrapes, Allergies, Lice, Shingles, Infections, Cramps, Calming, Gingivitis, Migraines, Immunity boosting

Now these oils are NOT medications.  The do not heal or cure for your body.  They support your body and help your body to work at it’s optimal healing levels.  This gives me great comfort as I know the oils are safely supporting my body verses trying to take control of my body’s natural order and balance.

Here are some of the day-to-day products that we have replaced with safer and often cheaper essential oil based recipes:

Baby Wipes (recipe), Hand Sanitizer (recipe), Hand Soap, Body Soap, Deodorant, Disinfectant Spray & Wipes (recipe), Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Bug spray, Dusting Spray, Window Spray, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Shaving Cream, Dryer Sheets,

You may have noticed that I mentioned “high quality therapeutic grade” essential oils.  Just as in many things, there are different qualities and grades of essential oils.  Many essential oils brands are made for perfumes and are not recommended for topical or internal use.  Many more may say they are therapeutic grade and yet may still contain synthetic fillers or may have been harvested from plants that have not been grown in optimal conditions.  I have used different brands over the years and found the greatest results for the best price from the doTERRA line.2014 07 02 GYF doTERRA oils

I am often sharing these oils with people I know so they started asking me if I would teach them how I use the oils.  I love teaching and sharing recipes and would be happy to share with you.  If you are interested in learning more about how essential oils can help support your growing family, click here for information on classes, or here for more information on how to purchase oils.


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