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20 plus years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.   At that time I asked my doctor a lot of questions and did a lot of research (pre-internet) to see what I could do to prevent this mind degenerating disease.  One of the things that kept coming up was to avoid aluminum.  Aluminum creates oxidative stress in the body and is known to build up in the body and contribute to all sorts of problems including Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and osteoporosis .  As I childbirth instructor, I know that aluminum is also a major contributor to weakened amniotic sacks.

We get aluminum from many different sources.   It is found in some drinking water, baking soda (you can buy aluminum free version for only pennies more), some artificial colors, aluminum cookware, soda cans, some over-the-counter medications, vaccines, and of course deodorants.

Because we put deodorants on our porous armpits, it absorbs quickly into our blood stream.  Over the last 20 years I have tried TONS of different aluminum-free deodorants and none of them worked well.  I often ended up buying a aluminum-filled one as a back up when I really needed it to work.   A year ago I decided to try making my own deodorant and found a version of this recipe.  I tried it without any essential oils at first (because I couldn’t decide which ones to put in) and though it worked in the morning, it didn’t keep up in the afternoon or if I had a particularly sweaty activity.  Once I added my oils, it lasted all day!

Keep in mind this is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.  Though the baking soda and arrowroot do help keep the moisture down a little, sweating is natural and healthy and you don’t want to block your body from detoxing in this way.


  • 4 Tbsp baking soda (¼ cup)
  • 4 Tbsp arrowroot powder (¼ cup)
  • 4-5 Tbsp. coconut oil
  • 4 drops melaleuca essential oil (to stop oder caused by bacteria growth)
  • 6 – 12 drops other Essential oils to add your favorite scents and individule benefits (see blend recommendations below)
  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy



There are two different ways to make and use this deodorant.  The recipe is the same but the storage may be different.  First you can make the deodorant as a stick deodorant like you would buy in the store.  You can either purchase a new container here or even reuse an old natural deodorant container (like Tom's).  If you make it this way you will need to store it in a cool place.  Living in AZ, I can use it this way in the winter months and store in on my bathroom counter but come spring it has to go in the refrigerator.  So I usually use it as a paste.  I mix it and keep it in a glass container (I got the glass spice container that is pictured from IKEA).

4 steps boxNaturalDeoderant

1. Start by mixing the baking soda and arrowroot powder.  I like to mix it right in my container which is why I use tablespoons instead of a large measuring cup.  You can use cornstarch instead of arrowroot powder but the arrowroot is less likely to cause irritation.  I buy my organic arrowroot powder on amazon.

2. Pour the coconut oil on top.  Do NOT mix right away.

Note: I live in AZ so my coconut oil is usually liquid.  If I run out of deodorant in the winter put my coconut oil in my measuring cup and then I set my measuring cup in a bowl of hot water  to soften my oil.

3.  Add your essential oils so that they mix with the coconut oil before you mix it all together.  You can really use any number of combinations of oils but it is a good idea to include the Meleleuca because that is what really helps keep the smell down.  The following blends are in addition to the 4 drops of Melaleuca.

Cool & Clean

6 drops of Peppermint

3 drops of Cleansing Blend

Flowering Citrus                           

3 drops of Bergamot

3 drops of Wild orange

2 drops of Ylang-ylang

Lavender Lemon

6 drops Lavender

6 drops Lemon

Winter Fresh

6 drops Protective Blend

6 drops Peppermint


4 drops Cedarwood

4 drops Lime

2 drops Vetiver                                   


4.  To apply in paste form, simply take a pea-sized amount and rub into each arm pit.

To use as a stick, pour the paste into a new or cleaned out deodorant container.  Then place in the refrigerator to harden.  You can buy the new containers on amazon or a aromatools.

Though this recipe works great for many, baking soda does change the pH of your armpits.  Some skin types are more sensitive to this so if your skin becomes irritated at all reduce the amount of baking soda to 2 Tbsp.  (or add more arrowroot and coconut oil to your existing batch)


Caution: When using cold pressed oils such as citrus oils (Bergamot, Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, also oils found in cleansing blend and protective blend), avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

Medical Disclaimer
 The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This blog is not intended to take the place of a doctor to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. All information I provide is my personal opinion, research and experience—I can not treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything for anyone or advise them about what they should be doing for their health condition.

References: Dangers of Aluminum

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